Vernon Grigg

Founder & CEO

Vernon C. Grigg III is the son of two public school teachers who instilled in him the importance of hard work, public service, and education. Inspired by his parents and his experience growing up on military bases, Vernon’s desire to creatively solve complex, entrenched social problems has been a driving force throughout his his life. It was no surprise that he was drawn to law school and has since lived in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and daughters, practicing law and serving his community for over 25 years.


Vernon served as Assistant and, later, Managing District Attorney in the San Francisco D.A.’s Office. He has also been appointed a Commissioner on the San Francisco Human Rights and Housing Commissions and Vice President of the Citywide Drug Abuse Advisory Board. Vernon’s work at the Keker & Van Nest law firm and in his own law practice has focused on civil rights issues, including significant work on employment discrimination. He has represented a broad range of clients, from public agencies to Fortune 500 companies, and from professional sports franchises to other lawyers.


Beyond his legal service, his core values and continued desire to serve his community inspired Vernon’s run for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and to actively engage in education and the arts. He serves on the board of the directors of the Nueva School, an internationally recognized independent school highlighted as a model for the future of American education. As President and CEO of the Bayview Opera House, Inc, Vernon served the community leading the renovation of a historic cultural center in one of San Francisco’s most underserved communities. He continues to give back by sharing his experience in civil rights issues in the employment arena as a professor at the Golden Gate University Law School.


Vernon’s core philosophy and commitment to a better, more representative America have not faltered.


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