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The Center for Electoral Equity (CEE) is the first and only nonpartisan public benefit corporation dedicated to strengthening American democracy and institutions by making electoral processes more transparent and more inclusive. CEE works to fight voter suppression measures, unfair redistricting, and unrepresentative U.S. Census data collection. CEE invests in and collaborates with meaningful projects and public awareness campaigns across the country, as well as conducting original research about the attitudes and perceptions of the American public about the electoral system and redistricting.


Our Work

The Center for Electoral Equity is dedicated to preserving the integrity of American democracy and working towards more transparent, citizen-oriented voting processes. We firmly believe that in order to achieve meaningful change, American citizens must be involved in the push for electoral reform. This mission is not possible without understanding the diverse perceptions of U.S. citizens regarding electoral processes and redistricting.


CEE’s American Redistricting and Voter Attitudes Study (ARVAS) investigates how American citizens across the country feel about redistricting and electoral processes, including voting procedures and the U.S. Census. ARVAS was conducted in November and December 2017 contains two components: the first, a national survey of over 500 respondents to broadly understand how informed and satisfied Americans are with redistricting and electoral processes in their state of residence. In order to open the discussion and capture the nuances of different American perceptions, ARVAS also includes a series of  focus groups with Republican and Democratic voters in different congressional districts in Maryland. The focus groups were conducted in Maryland, a state with a prominent history of unfair redistricting, and involved participants of diverse ages, ethnicities, and political beliefs.


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